Marc Randazza Protecting Free Speech on Fox News

Randazza Fox News

While Marc Randazza was quick to agree that radio shock-jock Imus had ‘said something stupid’ during a recent interview opposite Howie Carr on Fox News, he was as adamant as always that the danger of allowing Free Speech is more significant than the danger of allowing censorship via a ‘big national freakout.’

“The marketplace of ideas is the right place to to determine which ideas are worthy of being discussed and which are not, frankly if people don’t want to listen to Don Imus’s commercial radio broadcasts they will tune him out and the ad revenue will be diminished enough for his corporate bosses to remove him from the airwaves. However, the notion being floated that the government needs to step in and require people to listen to some things but not others, say some things but not others and support some things buy not others is alarming. I find it especially ironic that a radio show host like Howie Carr would be so easily persuaded to support the removal of the rights his own show relies on just because he happens to disagree with Imus’ point of view and has admittedly had some personal friction with Imus in the past over other unrelated comments.”