Marc Randazza Helps Pass Nevada Free Speech Law

Anti Slapp

Marc Randazza helped Nevada pass a law that would ensure its citizens’ right to free speech in 2013. The law falls under the category of an anti-SLAPP law, legislation intended to protect people from lawsuits against public participation. Anti-SLAPP laws seek to prevent lawsuits and litigation against people that mean to censor, silence or scare them away – which preserves free speech for everyone by disarming large corporations or individual bullies with legal teams on retainer. Too often the goal is to go on and on, draining the defendant of their financial resources and energy, causing legitimate voices to be squelched as people give up and become intimidated.

Mr. Randazza was a key player in getting this law passed, which has many important components to consider. First of all, the law expands what can be considered free speech in the state of Nevada. Now, “any communication made in direct connection with an issue of public interest in a place open to the public or in a public forum,” as long as the person thinks it’s true is considered free speech. If a lawsuit is considered a SLAPP suit, the new law expedites the process, so the defendant’s funds do not get drained over lengthy court considerations.

Even though many things were added to this law, the strong parts of Nevada’s existing anti-SLAPP laws were upheld, much in part due to Mr. Randazza and other Free Speech advocates who testified for the bill in Carson City.