Marc J. Randazza Testifies Against Senate Bill 444 in Nevada

Marc Randazza

First Amendment attorney Marc J. Randazza testified recently against Senate Bill 444 in Nevada with the intent of helping the political process to reach a result that provides the greatest degree of freedom for everyone in the state of Nevada.

The Anti-Slapp law, that Mr. Randazza helped to draft, is aimed at protecting free speech by preventing frivolous lawsuits aimed at squelching free speech. At present, consumer review sites and other amateur media outlets are persistently presenting the opinions of people as a way to enhance the marketplace of ideas. There are many laws on the books to protect people’s rights to speak their mind openly, however there are also many attorneys and plaintiffs willing to use the courts as a punitive way to prevent free speech simply by tying publishers up in court at great expense.

The Anti-Slapp law is intended to prevent these kinds of tactics and to ensure free speech is impervious to high volume law firms dedicated to drowning out new ideas with mountains of monotonous paperwork. Mr. Randazza has been a plaintiff and defense council in these matters. He understands the importance of reputation, and has even by targeted by ‘Internet Trolls’ dedicated to falsely attacking his own reputation.

“There are blogs and other sites out there aimed at muddying the good name of many people, brands and businesses” said Marc J. Randazza. “In very rare cases those attempts are so egregious that they do require legal action to prevent serious harassment. However, in most instances, the best solution to problems caused by free speech, is even more free speech, where countervailing views rather than legal judgements can set the public record straight without having the weight of court actions and the cost of legal defense included in the process.