Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza is a nationally-recognized First Amendment and Intellectual Property attorney, the managing partner of Randazza Legal Group, a commentator on CNN and Popehat, and the editor of the Legal Satyricon blog. Mr. Randazza is a civil litigator who primarily practices in the areas of First Amendment law, which includes Defamation defense and Civil Rights litigation, and Intellectual Property law which includes Trademark registrations, Copyright litigation, and Domain name disputes.

Marc Randazza first became interested in the First Amendment during his studies at the University of Massachusetts, at Amherst. He studied journalism and focused on the First Amendment related legal issues many journalists struggle against, such as censorship. Mr. Randazza also worked as a journalist in Washington, DC; Rome; and Palermo, Italy.

Marc Randazza studied law at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. After graduating, Mr. Randazza received a fellowship from the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information at the University of Florida. Randazza spent his time there doing research, working on his publications, and lecturing on First Amendment and intellectual property law issues.

Today Marc Randazza has more than a dozen academic publications related to the First Amendment issues and other legal matters. As an attorney, he aggressively represents those whose constitutional rights were violated. As an active First Amendment litigator and the managing partner of the Randazza Legal Group, Randazza actively recruits and works with many attorneys who share his same passion for the U.S. Constitution. Randazza Legal Group is a boutique law firm that handles select cases related to the First Amendment and Intellectual Property.

It’s crucial for Marc Randazza that his law firm abides by the following principal policy: the attorneys do not take cases if the proposed/desired course of action may harm the Constitution. Mr. Randazza believes that people have the right to express even the most unpopular opinions without fear of government censorship.

For example, Marc Randazza successfully defended a popular online platform for consumer reviews, against a defamation lawsuit filed by Roca Labs[1]. Throughout his career as a First Amendment and intellectual property attorney, Marc Randazza has handled a number of anti-SLAPP lawsuits, defamation, and copyright infringement cases, as well as international domain arbitrations, including ones before the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Additionally, Mr. Randazza regularly writes for his CNN column, where he discusses the most burning issues and news related to First Amendment matters. He’s a frequent commentator for national media and contributor to online legal blogs like the Legal Satyricon Blog.

[1] The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case.

Randazza Legal Group’s office is headquartered in Las Vegas and is managed by Marc Randazza. The branch offices are located in Miami, Florida; San Francisco, California; Hartford, Connecticut; and Gloucester, Massachusetts. Mr. Randazza is available by appointment only.

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